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What We Offer

DOGIPOT® offers a complete set of pollution solution products and supplies. For commercial wholesale orders or for private dog owner's orders, we have a solution to your dog pollution!

The procedure is simple. Place DOGIPOT® dog poop bags, in your communities at locations which will receive maximum usage. Instructions on how to use DOGIPOT® are posted on top of each bag dispenser to keep the system self explanatory.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly toll free at 800 787-7667

The DogiPot Story

The DOGIPOT® concept was invented 23 years ago in Europe. The system has been adapted to US requirements in 1994 and successfully applied to thousands of City/County and State Parks, Apartment Communities, Campgrounds, Hotel Yards, Veterinary Clinics and Sub-Communities all over the USA.

It's not a voluntary action, it's the law in most states to keep the environment clean. By installing the DOGIPOT® system, it will not only be easier to enforce the rules, but you are also providing a tool (the DOGIPOT® Dog Poop Bag) to clean up the unpleasant dog-accidents.

There are DOGIPOT® imitators out in the market, but nobody is able to provide our environmentally-conscience quality, products, experience, world class customer service and competitive prices.

The Dog Poop Bag Waste Myth

Some of the other companies that sell pet waste bag dispensers try to promote their "one bag at a time" bag dispensers, claiming that it will save you money on wasted bags. The DogiPot® dog poop bags come in rolls of 200 that easily tear off from the dispenser. Scoop Masters have been servicing DogiPot® pet waste stations since 2002 and we have never had an incident where someone would try to take the whole roll out of the dispenser. On the other hand, you can easily remove four or five bags and conveniently keep them with you while walking your dog. Enjoy!

State of California Disclaimer:
While our bags DO conform to ASTM D6954-04 for Oxo-Biodegradable degradation, (although we can no longer claim that) they DO NOT conform to the California specific ASTM D6400 standard. But don’t worry, 99% of the dog poop bags you find do not conform to California’s standard either. Does that mean our bags won’t degrade? Of course not. I’ve seen it! I had an open box in my garage that I forgot about and it was all flaky and in pieces… on it’s way to nothingness.

You can find bags that do conform to ASTM D6400, but they cost about 3 times as much. You may as well use the plastic bags you get at the grocery store to bag your produce in. Oh, wait, they’re not biodegradable.

DogiPot Dog Poop Bags

Biodegradable Replacement Dog Poop Bags

Image of Dogipot oxo-biodegradable dog poop bags in a box
Case Size

The oxo-biodegradable Dog Poop Bags are fully degradable. These bags are opaque green, 8"wide and 13" long, and come in rolls of 200.

Volume discounts available when you order 5 or more 30 roll cases! Call for details.

Header Pak Dog Poop Bags #1402HP

Dogipot header pak dog poop bags for item #1002HP-4

Only $100.00 per case plus shipping

The oxo-biodegradable Dog Poop Bags are fully degradable. These bags are opaque green, 8"wide and 13" long, and come in cards of 100.

Volume discounts available when you order 5 or more 20 pak cases! Call for details.

Trash Liners for Dogipot Pet Waste Stations #1404

Dogipot trash liners for pet waste stations item #1404

Only $17.50 ea.
plus shipping

These heavy duty liners are specifically designed to fit all Dogipot pet waste station receptacles, as well as 1- 15 gallon trash cans. They are 1.5 mil thick with draw tapes and comes in a box of 50 bags.

Volume discounts available when you order 8 or more boxes!

How Green Are DogiPot Products?

OK, what’s with the strikethrough text above with oxo-biodegradeable etc.?

Several years ago, Dogipot introduced new and improved Oxo-Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags in an effort to further increase the environmental friendliness of its products. Dogipot constantly strives to improve its products and this has been a great step in that effort. The former Oxo-Biodegradable DogiPot Dog Poop Pick Up Bags included an additive which allows the bags to break down first by oxidation (i.e., exposure to air). The oxidation causes the bags to flake and fragment into small pieces that then degrade. Believe me, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes... A box of bags I had in my garage for over a year and it turned to flaky dust! Any who, Dogipot determined that this formula significantly enhanced the degradability of its dog poop bags based on the actual disposal that is used in the market. This formula also is designed to meet US Standard Guide ASTM D6954-04 for Oxo-Biodegradable degradation.

However, due to recent guidelines by a certain un-named Friendly governmenT agenCy, U.S. sellers of dog poop bags can no longer advertise that their bags are degradeable, biodegradeable, oxo-biodegradeable, Earth friendly etc. unless they know there is a recycling facility near where the bags are purchased and disposed of, or there is scientific proof of degradeability for the method and time frame mentioned. Since Dogipot is sold all over North America and other parts of the world, there is no way to determine these and other parameters. As a result of these and other stringent guidelines, we, and all dog poop bag sellers in the U.S. may no longer claim the earth friendliness of their dog waste bags.

All of Dogipot’s hardware products (e.g., Junior bag dispensers, aluminum Dogvalet, mounting posts, pet signs, trash receptacles with lids etc.) now contain a portion of recycled material. Of course, we can no longer say that. Only one product does not include recycled material because of quality issues related to recycled material rather than pure resin. Dogipot made these content changes as part of its company-wide “green” initiatives to enhance the earth-friendliness of its products. I don't think we can say "green" or "Earth friendly" anymore either.